Wilson Kipsang-Book

In this book you will discover:

  • A standard week of marathon training for the Kenyan runners in Iten
  • Sample marathon training program, leading into Berlin Marathon 2016 of Wilson Kipsang
  • Kenyan distance running mentality
  • World famous coach Renato Canova’s comments about Kipsang and his talents
  • Marathon Diet advice
  • Training at high altitude in Iten, Kenya
Wilson Kipsang

Training Principles, Training Programs, Diet and More

Wilson Kipsang is one of the fastest marathoners the world has ever seen.

Major Achievements:

  • Former World Record holder for the Marathon (2:03.23)
  • Current personal best for the Marathon 2:03.13 (3rd fastest all time)
  • Twice London Marathon winner, Berlin Marathon winner, New York Marathon winner, Olympic Medalist.

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