Impact Area

Sports and Development

Sports is a transformation avenue in empowerment of people in Africa, building self reliance out of opportunities in talent and arts, We focus on key determinants to continued poverty that include access to quality education, access to adequate and safe water for domestic use and agriculture that has potential to eliminating extreme poverty, and as a way to solve the current environmental, social and food security challenges .Sport has a way to inform, educate, empower and influence good deeds and actions for social and economic good.

The foundation looks at providing athletes with the skills and exposure needed to advance in their sports, or to transition to successful careers after competition and will annually host Athlete Impact and Leadership Fair.

Social & Economic Empowerment

We assist and provide a powerful arena to develop skills and knowledge in various areas of:

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Environment
  4. Sports
  5. Arts and Empowerment

Together with our partners, we address Extreme poverty through the several approaches for Economic empowerment and development of communities touching on these issues. These subjects ensure that communities are able to use their skills in redressing issues that affects them socially and economically by:

  • supporting holistic talent nurturing, education ,empowerment for self reliance and medical care initiatives to those most at risk
  • Promoting peace and reconciliation in Communities to avoid conflicts
  • Promoting innovation for sustainable development through research addressing poverty and development of Africa and specifically rural community via specific community development and health programs
  • Advocating for sustainable development, Universal access to healthcare, Education for all, water for all, economic opportunities for all and inclusive development
  • Supporting initiatives for capital development in enterprise development for the vulnerable poor and support governments to address the runaway unemployment in African communities

Affordable Housing

Many families live without a place to call home, we have the desire that all people need healthy and affordable shelter to call home and we do this by working with partners to help families build a reasonable living place which will promote better community and a better life for our beneficiaries.

 Improvement in Healthcare Delivery

We Promote Maternal & child Health so as to ensure that mothers stay alive and health and that their children do not die from child birth preventable and treatable causes, complications The commitment is live to Reducing maternal mortality in the continent of Africa.We ensure infectious diseases like HIV&Aids, TB, Malaria and other deadly diseases are kept at bay by providing healthcare and education about prevention.

Climate Change, Environmental Management and conservation

We promote rural and urban communities to priorities forest conservation and environmental management and get involved in nature conservation and also use this platform for peace building and building environmental and Economic resilience . The strategy is to support biodiversity conservation through forest conservation and tree planting.

Water for Agriculture and clean, safe drinking water

We invest in food security solutions through sustainable farming in the rural Africa by assisting rural people to produce more food and increase their income while managing their economic well-being by taping from natural resources and preserving the environment for future generation.

Education For All

We are working ways to break barriers to education which perpetuate and keep families and individuals in a cycle of poverty and engage in research and empowerment that improve the attainment of better living conditions. We promote access to quality education among Africa poor particularly among the girls and looking at trends of neglect of the boy child and help many to escape the York of poverty in the continent Africa.