Hope for the Future Run

This year our goal is to distribute white canes to enhance mobility for visually impaired people. This will have a positive impact on their lives because they will be able to move around on their own in their places of work, business and school,” said Henry Wanyoike, world record holder and founder Henry Wanyoike Foundation.

Safaricom has sponsored this year’s race to a tune of Ksh1m and is expected to attract over 8,000 participants.

This is in addition to providing security and ambulances for the event whose target for the year is to raise Ksh10m, in kind and cash that will be used to distribute 200 white canes for visually impaired people across all 47 counties.

This year’s categories will be the; 9kms for seniors and juniors, wheelchair races as well 3.5 km for veterans and children.

Last year, the race raised Ksh 5m which was used for various projects including; distributing White canes and Wheelchairs, supporting a nursery school run by Henry Wanyoike Foundation with over 70 vulnerable children and planted over 3,000 trees in Kiambu County.

As part of our commitment to offer a platform for athletes, we have been supporting the Henry Wanyoike Hope for the Future Run since inception. We are proud to be part of this noble race once again and we are happy that the funds raised will be used to ensure that as many visually impaired people are empowered

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