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Peace Keeping

Supporting Our Children

Supporting The Community

Believe in a Better Future

Transform Lives

Wilson Kipsang Foundation is international foundation registered in Kenya as not for profit, nongovernmental organization. It is founded to tackle poverty by looking at economic inequalities that continues to negatively impact on individuals, families and communities in rural Kenya and with strategic focus to reach to the wider Sub-Saharan African Countries. We invest in the poor by enabling leaders and entrepreneurs create solutions that enable people living in poverty to transform their lives.

The founding principles is the basic concern for humane living that is characterized by hope for better living free from the York of poverty, diseases and suffering of any form. We focus on the poor rural communities of Africa .Our current work is in the Northern parts of Kenya the Elgeyo Marakwet, Uasin Gishu, west Pokot, Baringo and Nairobi counties .

We build partnerships that help create solutions to the poverty question, be able to realize the actual sustainable development goals in our communities and compliment government efforts of improving people’s well-being through specific interventions to needs of the poor and the deserving.

The foundation is putting in place mechanisms to expand its capacity to influence and improve social and economic conditions of individuals, families, local communities, Kenya and the rest of Africa.

Our Values

  1. Dedication: We believe in a better future for all people of Kenya and Africa.
  2. Integrity :Our common interest is ensuring uprightness in all our transactions and interactions. We guard our rights to independent judgment on matters of interest to the well-being of the inhabitance in Kenya and any other country that we operate in.
  3. Selflessness : Our focus is on our beneficiaries and not us.
  4. Leadership : We believe in helping communities and individuals to tackle the challenges facing them, their nation’s social and economic development.
  5. Professionalism:Our analyses, assessments, and ultimate policy positions are consistently without prejudice to any party in the nation’s development.
  6. Innovation: We use our expertise to provide opportunities for public policy formulation and implementation in Kenya and internationally. We take pride in our ability to provide input towards our mission in insightful and imaginative ways.
  7. Commitment to the poor: We are committed to give priority to the poorest families in communities for provision of any helpful support.
  8. Responsibility : Each member is profoundly dedicated to honor mutual commitments and to maintain the best image of the organization, knowing that the actions of one member impact the management and reputation of all the members.